Our doors are open to people of all backgrounds, regardless of where they are at in their journeys, and we hope all feel welcome, comfortable and loved. Through engaging, powerful worship and biblical truth broken down in practical and relevant ways, we intend to infuse “Zoe” life and God’s love into people and families.


Breakthrough Prayer Hour – Prayer Room @ 9:00 AM
If your Christian life has been like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs leaving you frustrated, defeated and fruitless then you need to engage in persistent prayer! Be a part of the intercessory army, standing in the gap for this nation and the nations of the earth. This is an intensified time of learning to stand against the enemy and contend for the promises God has spoken and given to you. This is also time to further gain strategy and insight on how we can better walk in faith and victory in every area of your life.


Pre-Service Worship @ 9:30 AM
We release true reverence, honor and exaltation to our King, Saviour and Lord. Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of all Lords who alone is worthy to be praised, worshiped and adored. We esteem highly the one true God who was and is and is to come.

9:30 AM

Worship & Word Celebration Service @ 10:00 AM
As the logos word is preached, taught and releases life, it becomes rhema or personal revelation to the hearers who are admonished to be doers of the word.  These prophetic messages also activates greater faith in the lives of believers for fruitful and victorious living.


Children’s Church – The Josiah Company @ 10:30 AM
Through biblical based lessons, children are taught how to live and love one another as well as family members in their daily lives. As the children recite memory verses, they learn God’s word for themselves and they can also be a blessing to others. The stories of the bible come alive through animated videos, role-modeling, story boards and more.



Intercession & Spiritual Warfare @ 7:00 PM
When Satan and his troops interfere with God’s work here on earth it is time to take action. The way we do this is by wielding the sword of the Lord through decrees, declarations and prayer.  Our confidence is in God Jehovah Gibbor who fights for us.  Also, Jesus has given us authority over the forces of darkness so we pray with fervent passion and power in the name of our risen Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The victory is always ours.



Prophetic Midday Service @ 1:00 PM
Join us for a life-changing time in the presence of the Lord. Expect a powerful move of God and allow the prophetic word released during these gatherings to bring comfort, exhortation,  edification, transformation and unusual miracles into your life.


Prophetic Deliverance*
The Holy Spirit is using our deliverance ministers to bring restoration to the souls of all who may be tormented or in bondage. In the finished work of Jesus Christ, we are instructed to set the captives free. Inner healing is the result of deliverance to the human soul.

*Please Schedule an Appointment with the Church Office


Intercession @ 6:30 PM
Be a part of the militant intercessory army, standing in the gap for the harvest of souls in our nation and the nations of the earth.


Bible Study @ 7.00 PM
Hear God’s voice clearly, receive divine revelation and understanding during these times of studying the word of God with our Pastor.



Intercession @ 6:30 PM
Be a part of the intercessory army, standing in the gap for the harvest of souls in our nation and the nations of the earth.



The Daniel Company (Youth Church) – 4th Friday of every Month @ 7:00 PM
Teenagers and young adults are empowered through sound teachings of the infallible, unadulterated word of God. As they encounter challenging situations with peer pressure, academic studies, home and other relationships, they can apply the principles learned from God’s word to overcome. Our youth are also encouraged to serve and participate in ministry as God will use their giftings to be a blessing to others and advance His Kingdom.



The Elijah Company of Prophets & Prophetic Ministers – 2nd Saturday of every Month @ 8:00 AM
The prophets gather monthly around the table to examine societal issues. According to Jeremiah chapter 1.  We must arise and go forth to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, then to build and to plant, through the release of God’s decrees and declarations.

Spiritual/Marital Counseling – By Appointment – Saturdays @ 10:00 AM
Inquire of the Lord through prophetic counseling regarding the matters of your heart. The Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword!