The culture of New Birth is guided by our distinctive values. These values serve as a guide for our actions and behaviors as we serve the people of New Birth Ministries and our city. As a team member you should commit these values to memory, and beyond that, build them into your heart. At New Birth we don’t do culture, we become the culture through our commitment to these value statements and demonstrating them in the way we serve.


Ministries to serve the family of New Birth Ministries International

  • Ushers Team

  • Communications Team

  • Transportation

  • Security Team

  • Maintenance Team

  • Nursery Team

  • Praise & Worship Team

  • Counseling Team

  • Deliverance Team

  • Prophetic Team

  • Media

  • Worship Band

  • Children’s Church

  • Youth Church


Going beyond our four walls to spread the love and kingdom of God to our city for transformation.


Mark 16:15

“And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”

This particular outreach ministry occurs two (2) Saturdays of every month to various parts of the island.  A bold team of believers share the gospel of Jesus Christ within various communities with the aim and passion to lead God’s people into salvation.


This outreach’s primary focus is to spend quality time with Senior citizens of a Nursing Home.  On a monthly basis, a caring team of individuals visit with God’s people employing various activities to encourage, build up and comfort.  These activities include prayer, ‘Praise & Worship’, storytelling of God’s endless love, and fellowship with food.


Children are a heritage from the Lord” and He is counting on us the church, to be his hands and feet in their lives. These precious jewels at this orphanage are loved tremendously by our heavenly Father and they have a great prophetic destiny to fulfill. Our ministry to them reminds them of this pronounced truth and helps them to grow in the things of God.


This is a wonderful opportunity for the spreading and sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout various parts of the Bahamas Department of Correction.  The sections are the Men’s Maximum and Medium Prison led by the charismatic, Holy Spirit filled, kingdom advancers by the names of Apostle Felix and Prophetess Cyprianna Rolle.  The Women Department of Corrections is led by Prophetess Cyprianna Rolle.  


This pivotal ministry serves as a conduit of food and clothing for those who find themselves in a temporary disenfranchised position.  These individuals are able to receive the physical sustenance required for daily living as well as the bread of life, the living word of God to elevate them to a higher level of thinking and living.


Our Care Team reaches out to uplift, encourage and to comfort church members who are ill and shut in.  Once a month, a team of compassionate believers visit these precious individuals with love packages, words of encouragement, prayer time and Kingdom fellowship.


As believers in Jesus Christ, we have been given power and authority over all the works of the devil, including sicknesses and diseases.  This ministry demonstrates the healing promises of God to the sick who are hospitalized by ministering to them the unfailing word of God through prophecy, scriptures and prayer.